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Understandably, many people in the community are feeling anxious about the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Its effect on every-day life continues to present challenges as we all adapt to new ways of operating safely and socialising. With COVID-19 changing the way we think about risk, it has never been more important to keep an accurate record of who is coming into your workplace and understand whether they are safe to do so.

To minimise the spread of COVID-19 and support safe pre-arrival visitation management practices, VisitScreen has developed simple and effective online screening tools to minimise the risk of COVID-19.

VisitScreen is a simple, online tool to screen anyone visiting your workplace remotely - BEFORE they arrive on site.


VisitScreen assesses risk of COVID-19, based on individual responses to travel and health related questions, resulting in a shareable Certificate and COVID-19 screen results. The intuitive screening tool is based on guidelines from the World Health Organisation and Government Health Authorities and are regularly reviewed in-line with the latest advice.

How it works

  • An employee, visitor or contractor is sent a COVID screen to complete on any smart device before they leave for your workplace
  • The visitor completes the survey and is notified whether they are safe to visit or not
  • The results can be viewed in real-time, on a secure portal, by your authorised staff

VisitScreen also offers contactless check in for visitors who have been screened; saving time, reducing paper-based visitor records and reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in your workplace. Your visitor records are stored securely and available for instant viewing by appointed site managers only.


  • Simple to use; quick and easy screen with instant risk notification
  • Remote access on any device
  • Understand the potential COVID-19 risk of employees, visitors and contractors before they arrive on site
  • Reduce any unnecessary anxiety or concern amongst staff
  • Users are instantly notified if potential concerns have or have not been identified for COVID-19
  • Reduce potential COVID-19 onsite infection
  • Manage individuals or groups easily of any size using the VisitScreen enterprise platform
  • Reduce paper based visitation records
  • Simple and secure check in procedure
  • Increases contactless service
  • No sign-up or contract fees

How is VisitScreen useful?

  • Set and forget scheduling for employee screening
  • Access reports with real time activity and screening results
  • Easy allocation of screens for visitors, contractors and unscheduled arrivals
  • Reassure staff and visitors that your workplace is proactively screening for COVID-19
  • Contributes to meeting COVID-19 Safe Workplace Guidelines

What is Pre-arrival Visitation Management?

Pre-arrival visitation management is an important process for businesses and refers to interacting with visitors prior to attending an appointment and arriving on-site. In the current COVID-19 environment, it is more appropriate than ever to interact with visitors before they see you. A simple, effective COVID-19 risk screen can identify potential concerns BEFORE a visitor sets out for an appointment; providing site managers with current travel and health related information to provide clearance or deny access.
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