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COVID-19 visit screening tools
to keep your sites safe.

Our COVID-19 visit screening app for iOS and Android devices will help determine if there is an increased risk of having COVID-19.

Monitor your workplace with our COVID-19 Questionnaire tools

VisitScreen is a simple and effective way to screen employees, visitors and contractors before they attend any site to minimise the risk of COVID-19. COVID-19 Visitation Screening is available online or by downloading the COVID VS App from Apple or Android stores.

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Understandably, many people in the community are feeling anxious about the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Its effect on every-day life continues to present challenges as we all adapt to new ways of operating safely and socialising. To minimise the spread of COVID-19 and support safe visitation practices, VisitScreen has developed a smart screening tool to assess an individual’s risk of COVID-19, prior to setting out to attend an appointment or enter a site.

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VisitScreen assesses risk of COVID-19, based on individual responses to travel and health related questions, resulting in a shareable Certificate and COVID-19 screen results. The intuitive screening tool is based on questions suggested by the World Health Organisation and Government Health Authorities and are regularly reviewed in-line with the latest advice. This effective tool reduces any unnecessary anxiety and concern amongst staff, contributes to a safe and healthy site, and screens employees, visitors and contractors in a fast, cost efficient manner.
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Why you should use VisitScreen


  • Understand the potential COVID-19 risk of employees, visitors and contractors before they arrive on site
  • Reduce any unnecessary anxiety or concern
  • Reduce potential COVID-19 onsite infection
  • Users are instantly notified if potential concerns have or have not been identified for COVID-19
  • Visitor screening results are instantly available for Business users
  • Manage individuals or groups easily of any size using our enterprise platform
  • Remote access on any device
  • Simple to use; quick and easy screen with instant notification for site managers
  • Auditable visitation management
  • Contributing to best practice
  • Available online or by downloading the COVID VS App from Apple or Android stores
  • COVID VS can be tailored to meet your visitation needs
  • Easy set-up and one simple fee
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What is Pre-arrival Visitation Management?

Pre-arrival visitation management is an important process for businesses and refers to interacting with visitors prior to attending an appointment and arriving on-site. In the current COVID-19 environment, it is more appropriate than ever to interact with visitors before they see you. A simple, effective COVID-19 risk screen can identify potential concerns BEFORE a visitor sets out for an appointment; providing site managers with current travel and health related information to provide clearance or deny access.