About us

About Us

VisitScreen is a product of Risk Screen Pty Ltd, a wholly owned company of Workforce Health Assessors Pty Ltd (WHA). Since its inception in 2004, WHA has become a leader in the provision of technology solutions and services in the traditional pre-employment medical sector, assisting employers in the assessment of potential human risk.

In response to COVID-19, WHA implemented practices to enable the delivery of pre- employment medicals in accordance with strict State and Federal (Australian) and New Zealand Government Guidelines. In addition to implementing increased hygiene practices, and to further protect staff and the broader community, WHA committed a dedicated team to develop a unique, on-line COVID-19 risk-screening tool as an immediate priority. Following an exhaustive build, the screening tool was implemented across operations to assess a candidate’s risk of COVID-19, before they set out to attend an appointment at a WHA facility. This innovative and effective tool continues to screen all staff, visitors and candidates; contributing to risk minimisation of COVID-19 and healthy and safe WHA facilities.

To date, WHA has already managed many people, denying access to WHA facilities and re- scheduling appointments when concerns have been identified as part of COVID-19 screening. This has protected both the visitor, staff and the community. WHA recognise and understand the seriousness of the risk if one of these visitors had presented on-site with identified concerns not being managed.

As a leading provider of pre-employment medical assessments across Australia and New Zealand, with an in-depth knowledge of human risk, WHA was uniquely positioned to develop an on-line COVID-19 screening tool. With over 16 years’ experience in designing, developing and operating a highly sophisticated and specialised pre-employment medical platform, incorporating a COVID-19 screening tool into visitation practices further enhanced WHA’s capacity to assist businesses in managing human risk.

Due to seeing the success of WHA’s visitation management practices via COVID-19 screening, clients expressed strong demand in also utilising a COVID-19 risk screening tool for their own workforce and visitation management practices. In response, VisitScreen was developed to underpin a safe and responsible approach, with the aim of assessing risk and minimising the spread of COVID-19. This effective tool strengthens a resilient risk management approach and is available for businesses and individual users across Australia and New Zealand.

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