Supporting a resilient COVID-19 recovery

Posted on May 3rd 2020
General News May 03, 2020

The speed and the scale of COVID-19 is unprecedented and the economic disruption it has caused is unparalleled. The coronavirus pandemic has clearly and significantly become the most challenging event our nation has faced in living memory. As the nation starts to re-build, it is critical to adapt to new ways of operating safely. With an awareness of personal and public hygiene measures and social distancing, many businesses must also adhere to strict government guidelines to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

As daunting as it may seem, businesses world-wide are developing clear strategies to meet responsibilities, and create safe working environments in the hope of minimising any potential impact and re-building post the pandemic. To support recovery efforts, VisitScreen has developed a smart, risk profiling tool to screen an individual’s risk of COVID-19. The risk profiling tool can be immediately incorporated into visitation approval procedures, acting as a clearance tool and reducing any unnecessary anxiety or concern for staff, visitors and members of the community. This simple, effective measure strengthens a resilient, safe approach for re-opening and contributes to effective risk management practices.

The screening tool provides a fast, cost efficient, COVID-19 risk management solution, accessible remotely on any device. The self-assessment uses the latest advice from state/national governments and WHO guidelines, and will assist users to better understand their risk, based on personal circumstances (it is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis). A certificate is immediately issued to the user, which can be shared to seek clearance for visitation.

The screening tool is not only used by individual users seeking clearance for visitation to businesses and community settings, but for employers screening staff and visitors. During the current uncertain environment where businesses are battling to continue to trade, a VisitScreen COVID-19 safe certificate provides reassurance and certainty.

When reflecting on the environment we wish to re-build post COVID-19, the light at the end of the tunnel will depend on our current actions. As we adapt to rapid change, safety first, stability and a common sense of purpose become the techniques to build resilience and help us reduce the spread of COVID-19, and keep our staff, visitors and community members safe.

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