Frequently Asked Questions

How does the COVID-19 VisitScreen work?

The COVID-19 VisitScreen consists of a number of travel and health related questions. It asks if potential visitors have any COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact with others with symptoms, been travelling in areas with cases of COVID-19 and so on. It considers all responses then produces a result that indicates whether a visitor may pose a potential concern or is clear to visit a site. The questions are based on areas of concern identified by the World Health Organisation and Government Health Authorities.

When is the best time to complete the COVID-19 VisitScreen?

The best time to complete the COVID-19 VisitScreen is 2-4 hours BEFORE your visitors are scheduled to arrive.

This gives the site manager time to consider any concerns that may be highlighted on the COVID-19 VisitScreen and discuss these with the potential visitor, prior to them starting their journey to site. It also gives the potential visitor ample time to discuss any highlighted concerns with the site manager and determine if they are safe to attend site or if they pose a potential risk to others on site.

How can I book a COVID-19 VisitScreen?

You simply sign up at the Get Started link to receive a log in, then make bookings directly through the portal.

What information do I need to book a COVID-19 VisitScreen for a staff member or visitor?

You will need the person’s name, email address and mobile phone number to allocate a COVID-19 VisitScreen.

How does a visitor access the COVID-19 VisitScreen?

When a booking is scheduled, the visitor will receive a link via email to access and complete the VisitScreen. The COVID-19 VisitScreen can be accessed by downloading the COVID VS App or remotely clicking on the link on any device via a web browser

How do I receive a potential visitor’s results?

Results can be reviewed prior to approving visitation by logging into the VisitScreen portal. Alternatively, a visitor can instantly share their result/Certificate with a site manager via SMS or email. The site manager (Business user) will have access to past results for all visitors who have completed a COVID-19 VisitScreen.

What happens if a visitor does not complete all required questions?

The visitor will not receive a result/Certificate to seek clearance for visitation without answering all required questions. The site manager (Business User) will not receive a result on the portal.

Can a visitor change their responses?

The visitor can change their responses up until they fully complete VisitScreen. Once VisitScreen has been fully completed, and the declaration has been completed, responses cannot be changed. A new COVID-19 risk screening questionnaire will be required.

What does ‘Email is Verified’ on a Result/Certificate mean? What does ‘Email is Verified’ on a Result/Certificate mean?

Email verification is the process of confirming a potential visitor’s email address is valid. The ‘Email is Verified’ symbol will appear on a result/Certificate when this process is completed by the potential visitor. Two factor verification confirms the person completing the screen had access to this email address at that time.

How long is the COVID-19 screen valid?

Due to the voracious nature of COVID-19, it is recommended VisitScreen is completed 2-4 hours prior to visitation. Some businesses screen staff daily and others screen weekly, 2-4 hours prior to arrival.

What is the cost?

For information on Pricing and options available, please see PRICING