COVID VS - Visit screening solutions

The COVID VS App is a pre-arrival screening tool designed to be used by individuals to send a notification to another party they intend to visit that day with their screening results.

The COVID VS App has been built to assist with safe visitation and to help keep the community safe from the spread of COVID-19. Download the App today.

4 Easy Steps!

Easily check your COVID risk

The COVID VS app provides you with the tools to check your potential risk of COVID-19 exposure through the use of a quick and simple questionnaire.

Step 1 - Download & Register Your Account

Step 2 - Start your Questionnaire

  • Press on the 'Start new Questionnaire' button.

Step 3 - Complete the Screen

  • Answer each question honestly. The entire questionnaire can be completed within minutes!

Step 4 - Verify your Results

  • When completed, you will be shown your COVID status! Press the 'Tap to verify by Email' button to verify it was you who completed the questionnaire.

  • Share it! Press the 'Share' button to share the COVID VS report with others.